“It is a great product, one that I support and believe in. Every collegiate program will be purchasing the SmX3 not to mention the general public. Congratulations on your creation”

John Geiberger , Geiberger Golf

Golf FAQ

  • What does the “3” stand for?

Stability + Rotation = Power. The SMx3 Equation.

  • How SMx3 is different than other training tools?

SMx3 is the first device on the market that develops core strength and dynamic hip rotation simultaneously. Created with the kinetic chain concept in mind, SMx3 primarily strengthens the body’s core and enhances performance with it’s patented action. Utilizing 3 adjustable settings of rotating pads, plates and stops, the SMx3 can be set for any targeted exercise or sport movement to create a dynamic transfer of energy.

  • Why is the SMx3 great for Golfers?

SMx3 strengthens core and lower back muscles throughout the golf swing sequence allowing golfers to drive the ball farther and play free of lower back pain. Additionally, the device can be set for specific weight transfers for any club in the bag creating a direct line through ball strike improving golf swing plane and swing speed. Your mind, body and swing develop real feedback with this innovative machine. Portable, sturdy, and easy to adjust, you can train with SMx3 at your home gym, office, or anywhere your golf game takes you.