Dennis Jay Paulson, Professional Golfer

“This machine is the best I have found to give me a good stretch and better flexibility in my hip flexors, and for me that really helps with my lower back issues.”

Dennis Jay Paulson is an American professional golfer. Nick-named ‘The Cheif,’ Paulson had a PGA Tour victory in 2000. He has been feature in the top 50 of the Official World Golf Rankings.

Kai, Golfer

Malcolm, Golfer

Arthur, age 45, Golfer

“Conceptually it is off the charts, the idea that I can strengthen my lower back + add distance to my drive is very intriguing.  It is a machine more aptly called “the secret.” I always felt as if my swing was a separate entity to my body but SMx3 fuses them together. All my swing coaches always taught the key to core use and never been able to fully communicate how to ensure it is done. Success in sports has always been reliant on core control and strength which thankfully after years is now being addressed with your invention. SMx3 is a first and success can now be achieved by those smart enough to purchase your machine. You have done a beautiful job and I can’t get over how smart your invention is.”

Matt, age 16, Club Baseball Player

“It has dramatically improved my stability at the plate and made me a better hitter. Hips absolutely get faster and my bat fires through the zone. SMx3 is the one product that can help to improve all hitting fundamentals at once. FYI, very cool logo concept, the baseball globe X is lit.”

James, age 17, Chicago Cubs Scout Team, Division 1 commit

“SMx3 strengthens my hips and core in a way that I have never seen or been able to do. Gives me an edge on the competition, and makes me the best player I can possibly be.”

Helena, Master Pilates Instructor

“Perfect product for pilates enthusiasts. Builds rotational strength using your own body weight. The variety of SMx3 exercises is endless. My personal favorite the external shoulder rotational exercise.”

Maria, age 41, Tennis Player

“I enjoyed the sheer degree of difficulty the machine presents as well as it’s versatility. Being able to position it for forehand and backhand work with the pivoting foot pads is amazing. When I train with SMx3 it feels as if I am taking the gym to the court. Very sleek design, by the way.”

Henry, age 12, Club Baseball Player

“I felt like the SMx3 really helped. Being able to lock out the X stops then gradually pull them up when I was comfortable was cool. My hips were turning which helped me hit my first out of the park home run. After a training session in the morning, I almost felt like I was still on the SMx3 during my at bat.”