the SMx3

New technology for the targeted training of the hips, core and spine.

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Best New Sports Rehab Technology

Real Innovation

The SMx3 offers unique paths to performance gain and rehabilitation.

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The plates can be adjusted to accommodate stance width or to target strengthening of specific core muscle groups.


The X stops can be set to require balance or prevent rocking making it easy for older and younger users alike.


The innovative foot pads can lock or unlock in rotation allowing unprecedented muscle targeting and comfortable use.


"Being able to position it for forehand and backhand work with the pivoting foot pads is amazing."
- Maria, age 41, Tennis Player

"SMx3 strengthens my hips and core in a way that I have never seen or been able to do."
- James, age 17, Chicago Cubs Scout Team

"Perfect product for pilates enthusiasts. Builds rotational strength using your own body weight."
- Helena, Master Pilates Instructor

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