“As a coach, trainer and former professional I’ve tried my share of training gadgets and ideas. It’s rare to come across an innovative product like the SMx3. It’s sturdy enough to handle multiple basketball specific applications and exercises while also being compact and easy to use. After being introduced to the SMx3 it has been incorporated in everything I do and wouldn’t be surprised to see it being utilized at every level of basketball. The SMx3 is the way forward.”

Steve Hodge
Former pro basketball player and inventor of the “SuperSet” basketball performance regimen

Basketball FAQ

  • What does the “3” stand for?

Stability + Rotation = Power. The SMx3 Equation.

  • How SMx3 is different than other training tools?

SMx3 is the first device on the market that develops core strength and dynamic hip rotation simultaneously. Created with the kinetic chain concept in mind, SMx3 primarily strengthens the body’s core and enhances performance with it’s patented action. Utilizing 3 adjustable settings of rotating pads, plates and stops, the SMx3 can be set for any targeted exercise or sport movement to create a dynamic transfer of energy.

  • Why is the SMx3 excellent for the Basketball player?

Perfect for the modern game where shooting is king. Use 3 different plate settings to catch and form-shoot from many different stances. Train with the complete basketball training program that includes basketball shooting drills, rip-throughs, defender and dribbling drills, core strengthening basketball workouts to elevate your game and sharpen skills.