“From on-court drop feeding drills to at home core strengthening holds, SMx3 is great to use anywhere you are. Perfect for today’s tennis game where power is king”

Ish Blanco Director of Tennis Cheviot Hills Tennis Club

Tennis FAQ

  • What does the “3” stand for?

Stability + Rotation = Power. The SMx3 Equation.

  • How SMx3 is different than other training tools?

SMx3 is the first device on the market that develops core strength and dynamic hip rotation simultaneously. Created with the kinetic chain concept in mind, SMx3 primarily strengthens the body’s core and enhances performance with it’s patented action. Utilizing 3 adjustable settings of rotating pads, plates and stops, the SMx3 can be set for any targeted exercise or sport movement to create a dynamic transfer of energy.

  • Why is the SMx3 perfect for Tennis players?

Stability equals racket head speed. Serve, Forehand, Backhand, Volley, you think of a shot and SMx3 can be set for each type of weight transfers. From live drop feeding drills to core strengthening holds at impact out of a semi or open stance, use the patented versatility of the SMx3 to create a powerful on-court game.