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SMx3 is the first machine that develops rotational strength for athletes. Created with the kinetic chain concept in mind, SMx3 primarily strengthens the body’s core and enhances hip strength and mobility for increased performance in all sports. By Utilizing 3 adjustable features of SMx3 can be set for training any targeted exercise or sport movement creating dramatically improved impact motion.

Reviews (23)

23 reviews

  1. James

    As a baseball player, I have looked to find ways to create and enhance more core and hip strength to create more power through the ball. The SMx3 has been able to do exactly that. With its easy to adjust settings, and multiple uses, I have been able to get great use out of this product, and make myself the best player I can be. I have not scene anything at all out on the market that is able to accomplish what the SMx3 does. Plus I am able to use this for other training methods such as planks and squats. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is an athlete, or someone just wants to stay in shape.

  2. Rod

    Working with the smx3 have never been better. It has improved my hip speed dramatically and finally allows me to fire them throw the zone to generate more bat speed. Not only is the product great for improving batting skills, but it’s sleek design and light weight allows it to be easily transported. It is a must have for any baseball player.

  3. Raymond

    The SMx3 has finally given baseball players a chance to work solely on their hip movement and strength as well as their balance. I was able to test this product out at a demo event in Los Angeles and could immediately feel my swing getting better. I’ve always been told that the hips generate the power of a swing and now there’s an easy way for me to work out that part of my game. After using the product, I was able to turn my hips harder which made my swing as a whole more powerful. The SMx3 has multiple uses and a lightweight portable design which makes it a necessity for anyone who is serious about getting better at their sport.

  4. Chase

    The SMx3 is an awesome innovation that has allowed me to rapidly develop my core strength, balance and flexibility as an athlete, and these boosts have propelled my game at the plate and on the mound! After using the SMx3, rotational movements central to every sport have become quicker, more powerful, and more fluid at the same time. I have no doubt this product will be a mainstay in the sports industry for a very long time!

  5. Kam

    The SMX3 has changed my baseball swing and game completely it is truly a work of magic.

  6. Dusty Smith

    The SMx3 is an excellent addition to any rehab program. I like that it can be used for upper and lower body exercises to improve strength, core stability, balance, coordination, and proprioception. It keeps the athlete challenged from the beginning phase of rehab through functional activities to get the athlete back to pre-injury levels and return to full participation.

    Dusty Smith, Head Athletic Trainer, Brentwood School

  7. Ricky

    As a baseball player, each single session working with the SMx3 really works to strengthen hip and core movement and add significant power to the overall swing. From use in creating strong balance to generating power, use of this product continues to help ball players advance their game. Great product!

  8. Michael Leger

    The SMx3 is durable enough for a 300lb defensive lineman and precise and delicate enough to improve the posture and balance of an olympic gymnast or figure skater. If you call yourself an athlete and you don’t posses the proper core strength and defined body mechanics, you live on potential alone. The SMx3 has cured my golf swing blues by helping me turn properly and make contact with the ball at the precise time insuring maximum length and centered ball strike. I have gone from a 16 handicap to a 6 handicap in my limited time training with one of Joe’s protoypes. I’m waiting for the crew at SportMechanix to fix my putting now so I can make the senior tour. More importantly, I had my 12 year old nephew work on his hitting mechanics using the SMx3. He now has the power of Mickey Mantle and a hip turn and bat speed of Fred Lynn. Who knew?
    GFP!!! Great FN Product!

  9. Jake

    This product does everything it’s supposed to do and more. You can work it every part of your body on this while still getting better at the sport you want. Products at 10/10 and I recommend it to anyone that wants to get better and stronger.

  10. Nick

    When using the smx3, I really felt like I was working every part of my body from my ankles to my thighs, to my abdominals, and I really had to focus on working hard to make sure I wasn’t slipping out or faltering in my swing (even on basic difficulty). I would definitely recommend it to others and will for sure use it again.

  11. Will

    I’ve been playing high school baseball for about a year, and I’ve had a gradual transition into learning the many steps of perfecting my swing. My coaches have certainly been helpful, but the single most important and fastest factor that has helped by swing has been the SMX3. After just a few times using product, I could almost instantly feel far more power and coordination coming out of my swing. With its unique adjustable balance feature, I was learning how to keep a steady yet strong stance before the swing, then release with force. I would highly recomend this product to players of all skill levels or experience, it’s truly a one of a kind product poised to improve anybody’s game; you won’t regret getting the SMX3.

  12. Joshua

    The SMX3 really enhanced my balance and hip rotation. It is a very sturdy product, and it is not heavy at all. The product overall is really easy to use and can be very helpful for multiple sports. I highly recommend this product for everyone, especially people that need help balance and power.

  13. Peter

    There is no other tool in the market like the SMx3. The SMx3 gives the user the freedom to train what would be most beneficial to their game. The SMx3 helped me feel stretches and strengthen my hips like never before, opening up the lower half of my swing.

  14. Destiny

    The SMx3 is a great product to help develop core strength and help all athletes improve their balance. I love how it adjusts to fit the needs of each athlete using it, as well as, it has different components to it that change depending on the specific excercise. I definitely recommend the SMx3 for all athletes looking to improve balance, hip mobility, and core strength.

  15. Sam

    After just a few reps on the SMx3, I immediately noticed significant improvements in my swing and the overall amount of rotational power I was able to generate in my swing. As a baseball player, working on strengthening the hips and the lower body is extremely important. The SMx3 does just that. The SMx3 is truly a one of a kind product that I would instantly recommend to any athlete who wishes to improve their game. There is no better option on the market.

  16. Caden

    The SMX3 is a great tool for balance. It helps stabilize my core which helps me rotate my hips when I’m hitting. Overall really great product that does it’s purpose.

  17. Dylan

    The SMx3 significantly improved my swing after just a few reps of hip isolation and hip/shoulder separation exercises. I was able to generate a lot more power in my swing and get to the ball much faster after using the SMx3. As a baseball player hip rotation and core strength is very important and there is no other product that can create and improve hip and core strength like the SMx3 can. I would absolutely recommend this product to any baseball player looking to generate more speed and power in their swing and to any other athletes looking to improve their core and hip strength.

  18. Ryan

    This well put-together piece of machinery gave me the power I was missing in my swing. I recommend it to anyone who plays baseball.

  19. Christopher Ciaffa

    This is just a straight up awesome product. I tried it at my golf partner’s house and loved it. Bought one. I thought it was mostly going to work my legs but quickly realized you get a ridiculous (in a good way) core workout. Because of the way they brilliantly designed it; your core is engaged from the second you get on, to the second you get off. You can’t cheat. Perfect for my golf swing; or any other rotational sport for that matter. (What sport dosen’t involve rotation?) Multiple positions, high quality construction (this thing is a beast) and ready to use out of the box. Highly, highly recommend.

  20. Matthew

    Just tested the SMX3 today, used it to test my range of motion for my hip joint. Truly felt an increase in mobility from only doing a couple of reps. Improved my baseball swing a lot!

  21. Sammy

    Blown away of how many workouts and routines can be performed on the SMX3. I mean if u want to warm up your hips, like me, before hitting baseballs- there’s a rotation for that. If you want to practice your form as a pitcher- there’s a rotation for that. The list can go on and on. It’s really about what you wish to do. For instance, one day you may want to lock the rotational aspect and work with weights while balancing.

    It’s your portable gym. It’s your portable trainer. SMX3 is an excellent choice for sports, and nonsports related workouts and routines. Great product

  22. Jesse LaMon

    The SMX3 is a great product that will help you improve your hip rotation. The machine requires you to use your lower half to maintain balance. This machine improved my baseball swing immensely. I highly recommend it.

  23. Dominic

    The SMx3 is a great product. The first time I used it I could really feel the change. My hips were more mobile and my timing was in sync with the pitcher. It also improved the way I transfer my weight from my back leg into my swing. It’s a great tool that will help baseball players overall with their swing.

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