1. What is SportMechanix?

SportMechanix is a company dedicated to inventing innovative products for athletes. The company launched in January 2018 and is located in Los Angeles, CA.

  1. What is the SMx3?

SMx3 is the premier product of SportMechanix. It is the first portable core strengthening device that is engineered to create dynamic hip rotation in all sports.
SMx3’s patented design is based on extensive testing in men, women, and children, throughout a wide range of skill levels, from beginners to professional athletes. This testing has repeatedly demonstrated dramatic skill improvements and increased performance.

  1. How does the SMx3 work?

SMx3 is the first device on the market that develops core strength and dynamic hip rotation simultaneously. Created with the kinetic chain concept in mind, SMx3 primarily strengthens the body’s core and enhances performance with its patented action. Utilizing 3 adjustable settings of rotating pads, plates and stops, the SMx3 can be set for any targeted exercise or sports movement to create a dynamic transfer of energy. The invention stems from the martial arts discipline of Wing Chun, which utilizes the body to create power and proper movement.

  1. Where can I use the SMx3? Can I use it at home or the office?

Absolutely.  You can use SMx3 anywhere there is a flat surface. Take it to the driving range, batting cage, park – almost anywhere indoors or outside.  Additionally, the steel rockers and side-mounted X-Stops that limit rocking, all have soft rubber coverings that prevent scratching of hard wood floors and eliminate slipping on turf.

  1. What is the Kinetic Chain?

Kinetic Chain is the human movement system. It is a term used by most sports medicine and exercise science professionals to describe a sequence or chain of events that take place in order for an athlete to achieve maximum performance.

  1. Where is the ”core” in the body?

The core is where the body’s center of gravity is located and where all movement originates. A strong and efficient core is necessary for maintaining proper muscle balance throughout the entire human movement system.  “Engaging your core” is when you moderately “draw” or “pull in” the area just below your navel, towards your spine.  Engage your core before stepping on or off the SMx3, and while training on the device.  Core engagement is a concept that when applied in everyday life, strengthens the core muscles, improving posture and strength.

  1. Who invented the SMx3?

Company founder & CEO, Joseph Lagano, invented the SMx3 based on his extensive experience training athletes. Paige Rhodes (strength & conditioning), was instrumental in creating certain design elements and proprietary training routines. SMx3 is patented and trademarked globally.

  1. What is the “GlobeX”?

GlobeX is the name of the SportMechanix symbol. Created by Mr. Lagano as a visual representation of how the body works, it is the first logo that provides customers a visual of the global stabilization system and offers the unique ability to customize the core globe on apparel, showing your passion in any sport.

  1. How do I get my SMx3?

You can order an SMx3 now for $249.99 here.


  1. How much does the SMx3 cost?


  1. Do prices include shipping, taxes and duties?

The price for SMx3 is $249.99 + shipping and handling and applicable taxes.

  1. What is the refund policy?

To Cancel an order, either send email to info@sportmechanix.com, or call (310) 562-759

  1. What is the return policy?

If for any reason you are dissatisfied, and it is within 30 days of receipt, you may return the item for a full refund minus a 15% restocking fee, but first you must have an RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization number). To obtain your RMA# and receive shipping instructions, either send an email to info@sportmechanix.com, or call (310) 562-759. The product should be returned in its original packaging. Just pay for shipping.

  1. Is a warranty provided?

Yes. All SMx3’s carry a 60 day limited warranty. Warranty

  1. My child strides into the pitch when they hit a baseball, can he/she still use the SMx3?

Yes, absolutely! The SMx3 was designed to teach and strengthen hip rotation in ballplayers whether you use a front foot stride or not. If you prefer a stride when hitting you still need a strong core and good hip rotation when you make contact.

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